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Andrae Bopp, a St. Louis native, has been passionate about food and wine his entire life. Food was always at the center of his life from his high school days in Heidelberg, Germany to when Andrae graduated with honors, from the French Culinary Institute located in New York City. See more about Chef Andrae.

Sunday, February 17th, 2019 at 1:47am
Special of the day at AK's, FRIED TAMALES AL PASTOR!
Red Oaxacan corn masa, post al pastor, pineapple, jalapeno, queso Oaxaca, avocado salsa and crema.
Need a big sandwich you havent tried yet, we got our new...
Friday, February 15th, 2019 at 2:28am
Happy V-Day Walla Walla! Nothing more romantic than taking that special someone to the gas station to get them a special meal.
Today we are slinging our FRIED CHICKEN SANDWICH with slaw, spicy bbq sauce, and...
Wednesday, February 13th, 2019 at 2:52am
TACOS AL PASTOR AND FRIED CHICKEN SANDWICHES! Today at the gas station. Get yours today or have us deliver to your home or office.
See you soon!
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Tuesday, February 12th, 2019 at 9:31am
Join us for this 5 course paired dinner in a beautifully intimate vineyard home setting. Menu includes oysters, caviar, sea urchin, elk, duck and wine! Don’t want to drive? Call Chris at Tesla...
Tuesday, February 12th, 2019 at 2:35am
Special of the day at AK's, FRIED CHICKEN SANDWICH... STRAIGHT UP!
Buttermilk soaked fried chicken, slaw, spicy bbq sauce and pickles on Martin's bun.
And in case you missed it yesterday, our PASTRAMI SANDWICH...
Monday, February 11th, 2019 at 1:19am
After a hiatus for R&D, lab testing and general nashing of teeth, we are pleased to announce that our retooled Pastrami is back on the menu! This Prime Brisket, has been wet brined, smoked and then finished over...
Sunday, February 10th, 2019 at 2:20am
AK's special of the day, HONEY PECAN PRAWN SNADWICH. Rice flour fried prawns, honey aioli, pecans, pickled zucchini, iceberg.
And featuring our new menu item, SMOKED PRIME RIB SANDWICH. 1/2lb. Smoked prime rib,...
Friday, February 8th, 2019 at 6:48am
Valentine's Day is just 7 days away! Show your special someone how much you care by feeding them an unforgettable dinner!
Call us at the gas station to buy your pair of tickets now! (509)572-0728
Thursday, February 7th, 2019 at 2:45am
Specials of the day here at AK's!
Rice flour fried prawns, honey aioli, roasted pecans, iceberg, pickled zucchini and ginger.
6oz ground brisket and chuck patty,...
Wednesday, February 6th, 2019 at 1:30am
Well hello sexy! #alpastor #tacos #inagasstation today!! Nixtamaled, house grand, hand formed tortillas, what could be better!! Due to the overwhelming demand of the Left Coast Burger, we will roll with that...
Tuesday, February 5th, 2019 at 1:26am
Debuting our NEW Potato Rolls from potatorolls! Quite possibly the best Potato Roll I have ever had! To celebrate we have The Left Coast Burger as our SOTD: Ground Brisket Patty, American…
Monday, February 4th, 2019 at 1:38pm
2019 might be a great time to head to #wallawalla! @travelleisure and islewine had a great time here! They even dined at the gas station...twice!! Link to the story in profile. And a…
Monday, February 4th, 2019 at 2:14am
It's Super Bowl Sunday! What does that mean at the gas station?
Come fill up before the big game or take some over to the party. See you soon!
#eatataks #atagasstation #aksathome #notbadforagasstation
Saturday, February 2nd, 2019 at 9:04am
Check out the February issue of Travel + Leisure Magazine. You may need to put Walla Walla in your travel plans for 2019!! Thanks Ray for all the love you showed to the Gas Station!! #eatatAKs #inagasstation #notbadforagasstation #wallawalla...
Wednesday, January 30th, 2019 at 4:57am
Come into the gas station to get yours or have us deliver to your home or office.
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Tuesday, January 29th, 2019 at 9:15am
Hi WW! Can figure out what you want for dinner? We gotcha covered.
We still have some RED POZOLE left and all sorts of your other AK's favorites like our new SMOMED PRIME RIB SANDWICH. Stop by soon!
#eatataks #atagasstation #notbadforagasstation
Thursday, January 24th, 2019 at 8:43am
Valentine's Day will be here before you know it!
We have the perfect way to impress your date! Book your tickets before they're gone.
Monday, January 21st, 2019 at 7:54am
Happy Sunday Walla Walla!
We have our usual Sunday specials, beignets and eggs benedict! Also featuring some new delicious cupcakes. Come check us out at the gas station!
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